I hope you're sitting down. If you aren't, pop a squat and hold on. The Incredible Hulk is coming to Amarillo. It's the Hulk that we all know and love.

Lou Ferrigno Is Coming To Town

When I saw this pop up on social media, my jaw hit the floor. Lou Ferrigno is a massive (no pun intended) part of my childhood. Hand over heart. I loved watching The Incredible Hulk as a kid.

He'll be making a stop at Unknown Comic Books on Jan 22. You can check out their Facebook page for links to more info on the appearance.

As much as I have enjoyed anyone that ever decided to go green and bring the Hulk to life, Lou will always have that special place in my heart.

The Ferrigno Hulk Was Incredibly Unique

There was no CGI. The Hulk wasn't animated. Ferrigno's Hulk was pure Lou Ferrigno. That's part of what makes me love it so much. Lou was a champion body builder before acting, which made him perfect for the role.

Ferrigno's "Bruce Banner" Was Also Great

I'm guessing that part of what sold Lou as being the Hulk so well, was the Bruce Banner he was attached to. Bruce was played by Bill Bixby, who looked nothing like Lou Ferrigno.

The transformation was believable thanks to the extremes between the two.

The Transformation From Bruce To Hulk Was Magic

The transformation from Bruce to Hulk was one of my favorite things on TV growing up. The music. The contacts. The action shots of shoes falling apart, shirt sleeves, and everything else ripping.

Probably my favorite part is the haircut. The haircut transformation is the best.

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