After all sorts of controversy, 'The Interview' may not be coming to theaters, but it will be coming to your favorite home consoles (no, not the Dreamcast).

Sony has been a hot topic since its files were hacked and leaked because of its newest movie, 'The Interview.' After a massive stare down between North Korea and Sony (with instances of hacking and terrorist threats included), 'The Interview' was cancelled... for a little bit, at least. Polygon reports that the controversial movie from Sony will be released on Xbox Video and will "shortly" move on to Sony's Video Unlimited for PlayStation consoles. Although Sony has come forward to admit that it won't be on its ad-supported video service, Crackle.

The movie's controversy comes from it being a comedic adventure that followed a CIA plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. The movie has already been released on a few different websites, including YouTube, but you can also get it on your Xbox and PlayStation consoles. While the hacks and threats on Sony (which were supposedly from North Korea) discouraged many theaters from showing the movie, there are still about 300 limited theaters that will be showing it.

"The Interview will be available on PSN for customers in the US at a date to be determined shortly," said a Sony spokesperson. "Given the [last-minute] release of the title, we will focus on launching our current lineup and providing consumers with all the titles and entertainment they expect over the holiday."

For now, you can rent the film for $5.99 or buy it for $14.99 on YouTube. In all honesty, we'd much rather just watch 'This is the End' again, it was funnier.

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