False claims that wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic voids your conceal carry ability is spreading widely online. Laws regulating concealed weapons vary by state, but sheriffsall over Texas and Panhandle Counties have said the law is clear.

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The claims are mostly on Facebook pages and Instagram users are sharing a meme that falsely claims:

“Know what else wearing a mask does??? Anyone?? REMOVES YOUR CONCEAL CARRY ability.  That’s right!! It’s in the rules. CCW licencees (sic) are NOT allowed to wear face coverings while carrying.”

No part of that law applies specifically to concealed weapon permit holders. Furthermore, each provision requires that the intent be to “conceal the identity of the wearer.” So the law doesn’t apply to face coverings for medical or public health reasons.

The Texas State Law Library shows Texas law does not name wearing a mask and carrying a gun a criminal offense, even during normal circumstances. Obviously if the mask is being worn to hide your identity and intimidate others or commit a crime, the action is illegal. If, however, the facial covering is worn to reduce COVID-19 contagion, you are able to wear the mask and still carry the concealed weapon with a valid permit.

Just be smart.

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