Halloween is back in theaters to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it's original release.  The classic is back to get your ready for the new Halloween.

Halloween was released back in 1978 and introduced us to Lori Strode and Michael Meyers.  This was Jamie Lee Curtis' film debut.

The  release  of  John  Carpenter’s  Original  Halloween  comes  just  ahead  of  the  release  of  Halloween 2018, the  direct  sequel  to  John  Carpenter’s  classic.

“I’m  thrilled  to  have  the  original  make  its  way  back  into  theatres,  as  we  prepare  for  the  release  of  the  sequel.  Having  both  back  in  theatres  this  fall  is  remarkable,”  says  director  John  Carpenter

Over 1000 theaters across the world will be showing the original Halloween including the UA Amarillo Star Theatre 14.


We are teaming up with CineLife  Entertainment,  the  event  cinema  division  of  Spotlight  Cinema  Networks,  and  Compass  International  Pictures  and  Trancas  International  Films for  John  Carpenter’s  seminal  1978  classic.

We are giving you a chance to pick up tickets to see the movie in theaters on Thursday, October 11th.   Just fill out the form below for your chance to win.

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