Summertime is such a fun time!  You get to sleep late, stay up late and play all day.  Sounds like the perfect thing for kids, until you have to return to school. 

It seems like summer was made for kids.  No school and no routine to stick to.  But maybe that is a mistake!  This past school year was the first for my son.  So, naturally, when school was over, so was his routine.  I see now that that was a huge mistake.

I allowed my son to stay up late and, in turn, sleep late.  Some nights he would stay up until midnight.  Well, school is just around the corner and putting him back on scheduled sleep has become quite a chore.

He doesn't understand and refuses to cooperate.  I can put him to bed and a few minutes later he is up and playing.  Or he'll sneak into the family room, hide and watch TV.  I knew that getting him back on schedule was going to be difficult, but had no idea how difficult.

The bad thing is that I still have a one week to try and work it out.  Do you have any tips that could help a desperate mom?



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