It seems that kids now a days are rushing to grow up.  They all think they need cell phones, can't wait to learn how to drive and are anxious to move out.  But is being girl crazy at the age of 5 normal?

Every since my son was born he was more comfortable around women than men.  I thought it was because he was a momma's boy.  But it turns out, he just likes females.

Last year when he started pre-school, I noticed that most of his friends were girls.  I found that a little odd but didn't pay to much attention to it.  This year, it seems that he has gone girl crazy.

The other night we were discussing having a sleep over with his cousins for Thanksgiving.  He then asked if he could ask a little girl from his class to spend the night.  I told him no.  Well, he was confused.

So we sat down to talk and he told me that he loves girls and that they were his "sweets."   I was shocked.  I couldn't believe that he was talking about that.  The next day when I was dropping him off at school I noticed that he waited to get in line right behind her.  He even helped her hang her backpack.

I think he is way to young to feel this way.  I want him to enjoy being a kid and not worry about relationships or being girl crazy.  I am hoping this is just a phase that will soon pass.

Is this normal?  Is my five year old son being girl crazy the start of more to come?

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