I'm sad to report that 'The Rockford Files' Actor, James Garner, passed away over the weekend at the age of 86.

Born James Scott Bumgarner in 1928, Garner hit it big in 1957 as the title character in the TV show 'Maverick.'

One of Tom Selleck's early TV roles was playing opposite of Garner in the above TV show and admired his work ethic and how he handled himself on the set. Selleck was always fond of saying that 'every actor should take star lessons from Garner. His pleasant demeanor would have a trickle down effect and set the tone for the other actors and crew.

Although not a huge movie star, Garner could balance comedy and drama in every project he worked on.

Some of his career highlights included; 'Support Your Local Sheriff,' 'Support Your Local Gunfighter,'  'The Great Escape' and two films with Doris Day; 'The Thrill Of It All' and 'Move Over, Darling.'

Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to his fans and family as we leave one last message for Jim Rockford on his Answering Machine.

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