I'm pretty sure I haven't heard about anything OTHER than Barbie over the last coupe of weeks. I get it, the movie is coming out and every child that ever played with Barbie themed toys is beside themselves for this movie.

The amount of pink that has been floating around has been astounding. I have a daughter who loves pink and I swear I don't see as much pink in my own house than I have outside of it the last two weeks.

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Well, we didn't want to get left out from the pink party. With Barbie popping up in theatres starting today, a beloved Amarillo business is getting in on the excitement, and how can you blame them? After seeing this, even I'm excited for it.

The Ruffled Cup is turning into Barbieland for the day, and it's something you don't want to miss. Not that I ever need an excuse to go and grab a tasty cupcake from there, but now I have no reason not to stop in today.

Everything from Barbie themed cupcakes, down to a makeshift Barbie photo booth, The Ruffled Cup has pulled out all the stops to make sure you're all sugared up before hitting up your favorite theatre to catch the movie. Now, you can't bring the cupcakes inside the theatre, but you'll want to eat it right away anyway.

They've gone all out turning the store into a Barbie Dream House, so don't let all that work and creativity go to waste! Make it a Barbie day, and start it at The Ruffled Cup!

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