It's always the most popular New Year's resolution. "I'm going to get in shape and work out more". How many of you said that would be your resolution heading into 2023? It's ok, you can raise your hand.

Now, how many of you can keep your hand raised when I ask, "Have you followed through with your resolution?". Yeah, I thought so, I had to put my hand down too.

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Look, there are a lot of reasons or excuses, we have for not staying on a regimented schedule to get those workouts in to stay and get healthy. Too busy at work, a lot of activities at home, I don't want to wake up earlier than I have to. We all make excuses.

Maybe it's just that we're looking at it from the wrong standpoint. We equate working out to things such as hitting the treadmill, lifting weights, running, etc. Well, I'm here to tell you there are far more ways to workout, and have a heck of a lot more fun doing it.

These are the top five workouts in Texas, according to Total Shape.


Not something I think I personally ever viewed as a workout, mainly because it moves so slowly, but it's way more of a workout than I thought. Those slow movements used in yoga, coupled with breathing techniques and meditation actually improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. So much so that yoga will help you improve blood flow as well as relieve stress, and yes, we all need a stress reliever.


So I've heard of this a couple of times but had no idea what it actually was. It's essentially the polar opposite of yoga. HIIT is all about short, quick bursts of high-intensity exercise that fires up your metabolism, which burns fat and can keep your body burning calories for up to 16 hours. That's like working out without working out.


Ah, here's something that doesn't sound like a workout at all, only because people equate dancing to having fun. However, dance is actually a heck of a workout because you're constantly moving. Because of that, you're shedding pounds due to your metabolism kicking in, and increasing your muscle strength and stamina because of the movement. The best part about this workout? There is such a wide range of dance-type workouts you can choose from, you're sure to find one you like.


This has been one of the most popular styles of workout for a long time, so much so that pro athletes are turning to it more and more. The beauty of Pilates is that it's a full-body workout, meaning you don't have to go in for upper-body workouts one day, then lower-body workouts the next. With Pilates, you increase your metabolism to a point where it's constantly working, which means you can be burning fat while putting in work at your job. It also really works out your core, giving you better posture while you're at work which will relieve muscle tension. That's a lot of positives in a fun workout.


This one looks like it would be my favorite on this list. I love watching boxing, but never have I given it any thought to doing it myself. Maybe it's time. It's the ultimate strength and cardio workout. It forces you to use nearly every muscle in your body, from your arms to throwing those punches, to your legs as you build up the strength and muscle to move around the ring constantly. Not to mention you burn off a staggering 800 calories per hour while boxing, and oh yeah, you can take your aggression out on things. It sounds like the perfect workout to me.

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