Earlier in the year, Major Harvey Johnson announced his retirement and he and his wife ended their Salvation Army journey on June 17th.  The Amarillo Salvation Army has announced their new Majors.

The new Corps Officers will be Majors Darvin and Betty Carpenter.  They two took over their new position on June 18th.  The Majors were in Houston before coming to Amarillo.

“It has been exciting to meet the people of Amarillo and discover the opportunities for ministry here,” said Major Carpenter. “We see the need and are ready to serve the Amarillo community in ‘Doing The Most Good’ alongside the staff, volunteers, and supporters of The Salvation Army.”   

The Majors became officers of the Salvation Army in 1969 and have been in USA Western Territory and the Australian Southern Territory, just to name a few places they have served.

 “Many people don’t realize that The Salvation Army is a church,” said Major Carpenter. “We invite everyone to join us for Worship each Sunday at 11:00 AM, at The Salvation Army, located at 2101 S. Van Buren, here in Amarillo.” The couple is responsible for all church programs and social services at The Salvation Army including the - shelter, Family Store, Character Building programs, and the church.  “We look forward to meeting you soon!”

We look forward to meeting them as well.

For more information on the Salvation Army and the new Majors visit them on Facebook.

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