When it comes to Thanksgiving one of the greatest thing of a Thanksgiving meal is the pie.  The pie is the trophy of the meal.  No one should have to go without pie on Thanksgiving.  That's where you as a wonderful baker comes in to play.

You are cooking up pies already, right?  Heck when it comes to pumpkin, one batch makes two pies.  While you are planning your Thanksgiving meal as well as your baking time, please take the time, to make up one or two extra pies for the Salvation Army.

Every year the Salvation Army opens its doors on Thanksgiving and serves the Amarillo community.  When I say community, I mean community.  They feed our homeless a Thanksgiving meal, and they open the meal to anyone who wants to come out and enjoy a meal.  They open the doors for those who are alone on the holiday, they open their doors for those passing through town, and they open their doors for those who want to come and just talk to those who are celebrating Thanksgiving with an amazing meal.

They want everyone on that day to be able to enjoy a piece of pumpkin, pecan, apple, cherry or sweet potato pie.  It can be any delicious dessert you want to make and give to the Salvation Army for their meal.

Just drop your pies or goodies by the Salvation Army by  Wednesday afternoon at 5:00pm. Anyone wanting to join in on the Thanksgiving meal, it will take place at the Harrington Hope Center at 400 S. Harrison Street on Thanksgiving Day from Noon to 2:00pm.

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