OK so we were all so cheerful about all the things we loved about winter here in Amarillo. There were a lot on that list. Let's, though, turn the table a bit. What do we hate?

  1. Missing the warm weather and sun. -Guilty! I love the sun so much!
  2. The heating bills. - I can see that being an issue. Luckily I am on the average monthly bill. So I always pay the same! Thank you Atmos!
  3. Having to scrape ice off the car windows. - Yes, I hate that! Luckily it is only after work. I park my car in my garage otherwise.
  4. Always being cold. - Yep, that is SO me!
  5. Having to get out of bed when the house is freezing. - Yes, the struggle is real! I just want to stay in my warm toasty bed.
  6. Going to and from work in the dark. - Yes, that is such a pain!
  7. Everyone getting sick. - I hate the "sick" time of the year. Too many sniffles!
  8. Crowds at stores. - Yes, it seems to take forever to get in and out!
  9. The horrible moment of freezing when you get out the shower. - Yes, that is not pleasant!
  10. Driving on the roads when there is ice! - This one wasn't on the list but it needs to be! I mean it's the worst! The people who think that having 4 wheel drive means you can speed on the ice. It does not by the way. It is 4 wheel drive NOT 4 wheel stop. It  can be scary.
  11. The wind here in the Texas Panhandle! - Another one I had to add. I would say that the cold weather is not that bad but you add in the wind! Yep, it is a killer and I hate it!

Anything else you think needs to be added to this list? Comment below!

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