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Who has the best guacamole here in Amarillo? National Guacamole Day is celebrated every September 16, and I got to thinking with so many awesome Mexican restaurants around, who truly has the best? When I set out to find the answer, I didn't realize how much of a challenge it would be. Everyone seems to have their own take on what criteria they would used to determine the best. With the help of services like Yelp, plus asking all my friends and co-workers, I have compiled a list of the 5 best places for guac here in Amarillo.

  • 1

    El Manantial

    3823 E Amarillo Blvd.

    You won't find mediocre food camouflaged by big piles of melted cheese here. Oh, no, this is Mexican food, and I really loved this place! The waitresses were very attentive and immediately I had chips, salsa, and a little bowl of pinto beans to snack on. The Birria Estilo Jalisco was delicious- not spicy but very tasty. The guac was fantastic, too! Looks like a big selection of cervesas and tequilas at the bar. - Jon B.

  • 2

    El Tejavan

    3420 W Interstate 40

    It is the very best Mexican food in Amarillo.  The two different guacamole's are fantastic and fresh. The salsa is very good. Their marinated beef tacos are wonderful. Their rice is fluffy and not soggy. Everything is a real treat. - Deborah C.

  • 3

    La Fiesta Grande

    2200 S. Ross & 7415 SW 45th Ave.

    What an amazing surprise to have such a sumptuous taste treat of Tilapia Cancun, perfectly prepared & delightfully presented along with yummy guacamole & a lovely chicken fajita salad. - Lynn C.

  • 4

    La Frontera

    1401 S Arthur St

    Hot sauce is good, the guacamole is very smooth but flavorful. Carne Guisada is available spicy or regular- I chose spicy and it was delicious. Not too spicy but has a slow burn. Corn tortillas were delicious. I would recommend La Frontera! - David A.

  • 5

    Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant

    3501 West 45th Ave

    Service was super-friendly and food was hot, really fresh and delicious! Fresh, hot, super-thin chips - my fave! If I'm gonna eat fried chips this is the only way I'll eat a few :) UNLIMITED supply of guacamole when you order fajitas! Whaaaat. And for the first time that I've ever seen it on a menu, especially at a Mexican restaurant - big Romaine lettuce leaves instead of flour or corn tortillas although they offer those as well. And don't ever leave here without trying the seared ahi tuna. It was ridiculously deelish! - Kimmi H.

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