If you have been on the fence about donating to the Children's Miracle Network or you have been wondering why you should donate to CMN, then here are the Top 5 reasons why you should pick up the phone and donate.

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The Money Stays Local

This right here is the biggest reason you should donate.  Every penny raised for CMN stays local to help our local kids.  With some organizations the money goes to a corporate office and it is never seen locally again.  Or it goes into a pool of money that helps people all over and not just locally.  However, with CMN the money stays right here in Amarillo to help our kids right here in the Texas Panhandle.

No Child Is Ever Turned Away

Can you imagine if your child needed serious medical attention and they were turned away because you couldn't pay.  Well with CMN not child is ever turned away and they are able to receive the treatment they need.

By Donating Your Are Helping Bring Specialists into Our Community

Children's Miracle Network was able to help bring a Pediatric Neurologist to the area.  This means that our kids don't have to travel to Dallas, Houston or even out of state to receive neurology treatment.  CMN is striving to bring in more specialists so our kids, if needed, can be treated right here in Amarillo.

Let's Call it An Insurance Policy

None of the families that we have talked to over the years have said, "Oh year, I totally expected my child to get sick."  You never know when something might happen, but by donating to CMN, rest assured the funds will be there to help families with sick or injured children.  Who knows one day you might need the help of CMN.

You Will Feel Good

Let's face it, by making that $15 per month pledge to CMN, you'll hang up that phone and feel amazing.  You will feel this way because you will be helping kids.  Kids just like William, Lillea, Luke, Caleb, Brynna, Jase, Austin and so many more.

You can make your Miracle Maker now by calling 806-331-4357 or donate online.

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