If you have never been out to the Tri-State Reptile Expo, it was actually something I would recommend checking out. I took my daughter when I first moved to Amarillo and she had a really good time.

Unfortunately, last year the expo had to be put off because of Covid.

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For those that made the expo a yearly tradition, there's a bit of good news and bad news. The good news is that there's still an expo this year. It just won't be the Tri-State Reptile Expo.

In a social media post, the organizers of the Tri-State Reptile Expo cited several reasons for stepping away from the event and allowing someone else to take over. This year, we'll get the HERPS Exotic Reptile and Pet Show.

A quick browse through the HERPS website and you find that they are very proud of their reputation for being a family friendly, clean expo. They also tout their more than a decade's worth of experience.

The folks with the Tri-State Reptile Expo gave the HERPS expo their blessing, which I would assume counts for a lot if you were a big fan of going to the Tri-State Reptile Expo.

Last year, the Tri-State Reptile Expo was scheduled to be on April 24 of this year. That would be this weekend.

However, since the Tri-State Reptile Expo is now the HERPS Amarillo Exotic Reptile and Pet Show (try and say that three times fast with a mouthful of M&Ms), the date will be June 26 and 27, 2021.

For info on the vendors and what to expect, you check out the HERPS expo by following this link.

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