Check Out This 175lb Pit Bull
This may look fake but this is 100% real. This is the biggest pit bull I have ever seen in my life! This family dog rounds out to be the 3rd largest dog in the world. The family dog is name "Hulk." The family has no issue with Hulk playing with their toddler. The...
Obnoxious Snoring Cat
I recently became a cat lover, but If I had a loud snoring cat like this I honestly don't know how I'd handle it. Its enough that my pug snores very loud!
Pet Owner Trains Rabbit To Deliver His Beer [VIDEO]
This must of taken a lot of practice and time. This pet owner trained his rabbit to bring him beer. The rabbit became so good at this special talent he built a beer cart for the rabbit! Some waitresses need to take some tips from this rabbit on customer service...Lo...

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