The first two days of Help 4 The Holidays couldn't have gone much better. There was a marked improvement from last year when we compare Mondays and Tuesdays, and we're hoping we can keep things moving in the right direction.

We are however potentially going to run into a problem when it comes to keeping the train moving forward.

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Day three is always a relatively pivotal day in any holiday charity drive. You spend the first two days getting the word out, letting everyone know what it is you're chasing down, and what it's all for.

It was Wednesday last year when we started to see an uptick in donations, but last year it was just a bit chilly outside, and a tad windy. Ok, it was CRAZY windy, but that didn't deter you from coming out.

This year, it's more than that. We've got rain coming all day long. Ultimately, the temperatures are going to drop down to the point where that rain turns into snow, and it could be a good amount of snow.

When there's weather, we all think about just staying in and letting the weather pass. Smart idea, don't get me wrong, I'd do the same. However, it means donations here slow down, and the people in Amarillo that are in need could continue to suffer.

Even with the weather on tap, and currently happening, we're still here, working to get the things needed for 20 local non-profits right here in Amarillo. We won't stop until we get to our goal, and that's to make sure everyone in Amarillo that needs help gets it.

You still have to go to work, right? We want you to be safe, but if you are out and about, or maybe on your way home from work, could you find it in your heart to make just one extra stop? We would sure appreciate it, and so would so many others in the city.

We're still here from 7 am to 7 pm, Mayco Plaza. Our exact location is 3424 S. Western St. Pop it in your GPS, stop by, and we'll come right to your car so you don't even have to get out. Let us be the ones to get wet, you stay dry.

Hope to see you out here today.

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