You know the saying you don't know what you've got til it's gone.  Well that is exactly what happened yesterday at my house.  We went back in time to the days where we did not have WiFi or cable.

Yesterday around 8 am.  I was on the couch hiding from the dog under a blanket and binging a show on Netflix on my phone.  I was the only one up at that moment everyone else was in bed or being quiet in their rooms and then it happened.  Boom!  It was literally a BOOM!  Then the electricity went out and came on a few seconds later.

Apparently a transformer blew in our neighborhood.  Then I noticed that little pinwheel scrolling on my phone screen and I'm thinking, great.  Then one of the boys came out of their room, "Lori my TV went off and now won't come back on".  Well whatever it was that exploded in the neighborhood knocked out the Internet and cable.

So (luckily we have unlimited data on our phones) I was checking the neighborhood page and sure enough everyone was saying their cable and internet were out.

Then slowly one by one everyone else started to rise and then say the Wifi isn't working and my reply was, neither is the cable.

Yesterday, the boys got more outside time, we took a bike ride and walk, and that was because the house was without Wifi and cable.

Walking around the neighborhood I saw more kids outside playing, more people outside doing yard work and taking walks.

Maybe we should have a Wifi/cable apocalypse more often.

The only thing is, the loss of cable and internet did include the loss of the Xbox, so after playing outside the Xbox didn't get a break yesterday.  I went to sleep hearing controllers and giggles, but, hey it's only 2 days til school starts so late nights are OK.

Then the question came, "can you fix my TV so I can watch it to go to bed."  "Nope, it is out of our hands, our cable and WiFi fate is in the hands of the cable and WiFi gods."  Sometimes my sarcasm gets the best of us.

Did we ever get cable and internet back?  Yes, we did, sometime in the middle of the night it was restored.   Life can go back to normal, with our faces in our electronic devices or sitting in front of the TV.


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