There's nothing like a nice cool front in the summer here in Amarillo. Yep, it brings a good bit of rain and brings the temperature down a few degrees, but with the wind switch comes something else, smoke. Here's where all of it is coming from

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Black Forest Fire in Colorado Springs
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It's been an unusually cool summer for us here in Amarillo, and that's a good thing. The lower temperatures and decent rainfall have kept grassfires at bay. On the other side of the coin, the Pacific Northwest and Rockies have seen record-breaking temperatures. Now, when you have a lot of forest land get baked in heat, you've got yourself an active wildfire season

So What? That's Not Here Right?

Well, thing is....smoke from wildfires can travel a good distance with stiff winds. In 2010, the smoke from the Little Bear Fire in New Mexico's Sacramento Mountains travelled east and settled over the Texas Panhandle. A wind change can help knock the smoke out of the atmosphere. For example, with today's smoke we would need a southern wind to blow it back north.

Because of the smoke if you happen to have respiratory issues, it might not be a bad idea to stay indoors and limit your outdoor activities. If you want to track the smoke in real time the folks over at Air Now which tracks the US Air Quality index have a pretty neat map that shows where all the fires and plumes are.

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