Earlier this year, the community was asked to offer an assist in helping name the new baseball team. Along with a name, a reason needed to be provided. We now have the names of the finalists. You might want to sit down for this one.

Here are your five finalists:

Amarillo Boot Scooters - The Boot Scooters combines Amarillo's genuine welcoming attitude with its fun western heritage.

Amarillo Bronc Busters - Amarillo has deep cowboy roots and the Bronc Busters honors the community’s resilient, independent spirit.
Amarillo Jerky - Commemorating its famous cattle drive, there’s only one region that can lay claim to the “Beef Capital of the World."
Amarillo Long Haulers - Long Haulers celebrates Amarillo’s famous Route 66, open roads, wind-bent trees, and the fun of Minor League Baseball.
Amarillo Sod Poodles - A pioneer's nickname for “Prairie Dogs,” this fun-loving local animal is very aggressive in protecting its family and home.


Just close your eyes and imagine someone coming over the PA and introducing any one of those teams. It's hard to do and not giggle. Now imagine yourself wearing one of those jerseys arguing with someone over how good your home team is going to do this year...and don't giggle. It's hard to do.

I wouldn't consider myself part of the "anti-ballpark" movement, but I might join their ranks just so I don't have to say any of those names on the air when talking about events "...coming up this weekend...."

Supposedly there were over 3000, THREE THOUSAND, recommendations. These were the best five? I blew off my recommendation for a chance to make a joke. I wish I had taken it more seriously now. I wish I could see the reject list.

Here's hoping that someone in management calls an audible or we get some major corporate sponsor that claims rights to name the team.

Credit: AmarilloProBaseball.com
Credit: AmarilloProBaseball.com

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