Your spellchecker could be costing you a shot at that dream job. Here are words that people misspell even after using the F7 button.

  1. “Led” as in “You led your team to victory”. It is most commonly spelled lead. That is when you are using it in a present tense. Most like you want to use it in a past tense which is spelled L-E-D.
  2. “Manager” is commonly miss spelled because people forget to as the second “A”. So, the word looks like manger.
  3. " A lot of people add an "E" after the "G," which is how it's spelled in England.  But in the U.S., the entire word only has one "E" in it . . . J-U-D-G-M-E-N-T.
  4. “Identify” a lot of people just mistype this one. It’s mostly because the “T” and the “F” are close to each other.
  5. “Ensure” If you are saying that you will make sure that something happens, then the word starts with an “E”. If you are saying that something is covered by insurance… then the word starts with an “I”
  6. "Affect" vs. "Effect." One starts with an "A," and the other starts with an "E."  The one with an "A" is almost always used as a verb. Example: "missing your deadlines negatively affect my day."  And the one with an "E" is usually used as a noun . . . like, "missing your deadline had a negative effect on my day."

These mistakes make you look less qualified, less impressive and less intelligent than you really are. Make sure to have someone double check the spelling on your resume. A human pair of eyes could catch something the computer is missing.



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