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These are the unsolved murders of Amarillo.

The Amarillo Police Department needs your help in solving these cold cases. Each name and photo listed below belongs to a person who was a parent, child, partner, and friend--among other titles.

They were normal people like you and me; any one of these people could have easily been your neighbor, your co-worker, your regular cashier at the convenience store. And they were...until their lives were taken by force before their time.

They were real people who were once a part of our community and they deserve to be remembered and have their cases solved. Can you help? It's simple: read their stories. Remember their names and faces. Keep their memory going. The best way for authorities to get the information they need to solve a case is to keep people talking and thinking.

If you have any information, if you know someone who may have information, or have any kind of knowledge that may be useful to authorities, call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400. You can also submit your anonymous tip by visiting You may remain anonymous and still do the right thing. Help bring the person(s) responsible to justice.

**This list does not include the unsolved murders of Gloria Ann Covington or Carolyn Karp, as no photos of the deceased are immediately available. You may find the full, original list of Amarillo's unsolved murders here.

Unsolved Murders of Amarillo, Texas

These are the unsolved murders of Amarillo, Texas.

If you have any information or if you know something, call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400. 

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