These are the things we will not touch not even for a bunch of money.

Think about this for one second. If someone said I will give you $10,000 to touch the one thing you can't stand. Would you do it?

What is the one thing you know you would not touch? We are not talking about dangerous things like a hot kettle or something poisonous. Everyday things.

We ask people what they would not touch. Some of the answers are pretty strange.

One person said, Horses. Simply because she is scared to death of them.

Another said that they can't touch cigarettes. Not even the pack. They think they are gross.

Someone else said they would not touch corduroy simply because it gave them the "heeebie jeebies".

A lot of people said bugs. Any kind. Mostly spiders. The thought of touchy cob webs freaks a lot of people out.

There was only one person who said, velvet. They said it just feels weird.

That about you? What will you not touch? Tell us in the comment section below.


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