There are some things you can get a great deals on in June. There are other things that you will pay too much for. Here's a list of good and bad deals happening in Amarillo.

Here are some things you should buy in June

1. Movie tickets. A lot of movie theaters offer programs that let kids see movies at discounted prices. Movie apps like Fandango may have offers too.

2. Swimwear and Lingerie. Places like Victoria's Secret have semiannual sales in January and June. Other retailers will follow their lead and have a great sales on swimsuits and underwear.

3. Gym Memberships. Gyms are more eager to get people to sign up at the beginning of the summer. So you might get a great deal this time of the year.

Now here are a few things you should avoid buying this month.

1. Grills. Since summer has now officially begun, everyone is buying grills. So retailers will jack up the price a bit to make money.

2. Designer clothing is more expensive in June. However bigger retail chains will lower the cost in July and August.

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