You would have to work 73 hours at a minimum wage job to pay one month's rent in the state of Texas.

Based on the minimum wage in each state, the National Low Income Housing Coalition determined how many hours an employee would have to work to pay one month of rent in that state.

The Coalition used the fair market price of a one-bedroom apartment in each state as the determinate for the research..

Minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 per hour and the fair market price for a one-bedroom apartment is around $550 per month. Texas has a considerably low cost of living, but it would still take two weeks of working full time to earn enough money for a month of rent.

However, the average salary in Texas for one person is $42,000. That's around $20.20 per hour, so the average paid employee in Texas would only have to work 27 hours to pay for one month of rent.

The states with the lowest number of hours are Oregon (58), Idaho (59), Montana (54), South Dakota (49), Nebraska (54), Oklahoma (59), Iowa (58), Missouri (59), Arkansas (54), Michigan (58), Ohio (54), Kentucky (57), and West Virginia (53).

The states with the highest number of hours are California (92), New Hampshire (89), Massachusetts (87), Connecticut (84), New York (98), New Jersey (100), Delaware (89), Maryland (101), Washington, D.C. (100), and Virginia (97).

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