Amarillo is full of beautifully quirky things. One of those is the lovely people of this city. There are so many happy and quirky people in their own right it just adds some charm to the 806.

One of those people we've all seen at least once is a woman standing on the roadside holding up a sign.

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It simply reads, "You're Awesome", and you can't help but smile when you see it. If you don't know who she is, she goes by the name Awesome April, and she is an Amarillo institution. She should be protected at all costs.

Several years ago, one of our colleagues here actually got out of his car and spent some talking with April, you can read about his interaction with her here.

She even has her own Facebook page, but there hasn't been a post on it since August 4, 2021,

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Well, something happened to me last night, and it got me thinking, even worried a bit, to be honest. I was coming down my street after my son's baseball practice and noticed there was something on the back of my wife's car. I couldn't figure out what it was until I was about a house away.

Ryan Kramer
Ryan Kramer

This is what was on the back of the car. Where in the world did this sign come from? I've never seen a "You're Awesome" sign unless Awesome April was holding it. Why was this on the back of our car?

We head inside and I promptly ask my wife if she knows anything about the sign. She said that my oldest son found it in the alley behind our house and decided to put it on the back of the car. Wait, why was what appears to be an Awesome April sign in the alley, more specifically the trash bin?

Our neighbor saw the sign and sent a message to my wife to come outside, so she did. She told her where the sign came from and our neighbor began to worry about April, afraid something had happened or maybe she was picked up by the police for something.

While I love having the sign because it just makes me smile, I can't help but think about April and hope she's ok!

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