Christmas In July is today. A survey by CouponCabin reveals that 54% of people shop year-round for holiday presents.  Read on for more.  When asked when they start their holiday shopping, people said:

- All year round, I continually shop for the holidays .. 11%

- Eight months to one year in advance �.. 3%

- Three to seven months in advance .. 18%

- One month to less than three months in advance .. 36%

- Less than one month in advance .. 21%

Believe it or not, there are actually "Christmas In July" sales going on.  You can buy sale items at, K-Mart, and  (As you would expect, is for all holiday decorations).

"Christmas In July" sales date back to the 1940's.  However, according to Quick Books, these sales aren't always good for businesses.  Like if they have a 90-day return policy.  That item wouldn't be eligible for return if you gave the gift in December.  Also, one could argue that the sales take away from the actual meaning of Christmas.

So Merry Christmas a few months early!