So guess who got their taste of what it feels like to be on a reality TV show? This guy did! A few months back on my show I attempted to break the world record of most clothespins on face and recorded it all and shared it on youtube and facebook. Not knowing that it was gonna get that many views but it did and the video also landed in the right hands!

Back in JULY I received a phone call from the producers of TruTv about them seeing my video of most clothespins on face and asked if I would come out to Los Angeles, California and attempt to break the Guinness Book World record on their new show called "Guinness Book World Records Gone Wild."



With no hesitation I accepted the challenge. Since I signed legal contracts I had to agree that I could not promote this until the launch of the new show on TruTV. With months of preparation to beat the record of most clothespins on face which was 160.

I practiced secretly so nobody knew what I was up to, because if there was any leaked out information it could have had costed me this opportunity of a lifetime. You know I had to show some Kiss Fm and  Amarillo love on national TV.

So the big question that everyone is wondering about. Did Tommy The Hacker beat the record of most clothespins clipped to face? Well please check out TruTV this Thursday night as they their new show "Guinness Book World Records Gone Wild!"

I must say this meant alot to me and I met some great people out their. Please share this on your facebook and help me promote this exciting experience for me.

Big shouts to Dan Cortese from back in the day VJ on MTV who hosted the GBWRGW show. I got to meet him and he was really cool!

Not sure which episode I will be on but the pilot episode airs this Thursday, February 7th at 7pm Texas time on TruTV!


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