If you know me you know I love pranking people. I can't go a week without pranking someone, if its over the phone, in the studio or out in the streets. The funny thing is that I have never been pranked myself.Do you dare to prank the Hacker, call up anytime after 6pm m-f 320-0969 to try to prank me. Here's a classic prank on the whole KISS FM staff in which I give them an afternoon that they'll never forget!

And if you think that was funny you have to watch the reactions to the video below. Keep in mind that the staff is used to being victims of my weekly pranks.

Now here's your part, I need new prank ideas and I need lots of them. So, if you ever seen a prank that had you rolling, share it with me and I will see if I can get our office staff or anyone else that comes my way.

Don't forget to join me every night from 6p-11p m-f on the Hacker Webcast.

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