The Adventures of Darth Daddy
It's not easy being a single dad. Darth Daddy decided to take a little nap. But his padawan learner and son, Christopher, like to see how much he can tease his dad before feeling the wrath of his father's dark side. Darth Daddy stars D.B. Nyce as Darth Daddy and his son playing the young a…
Funny Drive-Thru Prank As A Zombie [VIDEO]
Halloween as for most people it's the time of year to dress up or to get your kids dress up to go out in trick or treat. Also it's the one day  when you can freak someone out in the dark dressed as Jason. To make them use #1 on themselves.
Rings: "A couple makes a horrifying discovery: there is a "movie within the movie" that no one has ever seen before". this will be the third movie of the The Rings franchise. Hitting theaters February 3, 2017. So in efforts for a big opening for the movie, an electronic store had…
Son Pulls-Off Funniest Prank On Mom [VIDEO]
This is the funniest prank i've seen in awhile. This is a cool app on your phone where it looks like you have a pair of clippers in your hands and when you put it to someones head it makes it sound like you buzzed a chunk of hair off their head...

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