Tomorrow (11/5) is general election day, if you didn't make good use of early voting. On the ballot, you will be confronted with 10 potential amendments to the Texas Constitution. For more information you can check out Ballotpedia and's coverage of the proposed amendments.

Prop 1: Allows persons to serve as more than one appointed or elected municipal judge

According to a breakdown of Proposition 1 on

"Supporters of the proposition say the lack of municipal judges in smaller communities impeded their ability to deal with cases like ordinance violations, domestic cases and can impact public safety."


Prop 2: Allows the Texas Water Development Board to issue up to $200 million in bonds

According to the breakdown of proposed amendments on; this one will allow financial assistance to be given to areas where " are inadequate or the systems don't meet minimum state standards."

Prop 3: Authorizes temporary property tax exemption for disaster areas

This one is pretty straight forward. When an area has been declared a "disaster area" by the Governor, this would make it possible for that area to be temporarily exempt from property taxes.

Prop 4: Prohibits the state from levying an income tax on individuals

This one has probably been the biggest topic to come out of this election. There has been a lot of misunderstanding and back and forth over what a "yes" or a "no" vote means.

According to Ballotpedia, a "yes" vote makes it a little more difficult for the legislature to enact an income tax. A "no" vote leaves the system as-is.

Prop 5: Dedicates revenue from the sales tax on sporting goods to parks, wildlife, and historical agencies

Another pretty straight forward one. The legislature would choose how those funds would be allocated or used.

Prop 6: Authorizes the legislature to increase bonds for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute

This would increase the max amount of those bonds from $3 billion to $6 billion.

Prop 7: Increases distributions to the state school fund

This amendment would increase the amount from $300 million to $600 million that can be distributed to the state school fund.

Prop 8: Creates a Flood Infrastructure Fund

This amendment would create a fund that can be used to finance drainage and flood control projects.

Prop 9: Authorizes property tax exemption for precious metals held in depositories

Another pretty straight forward one. Precious metals held in depositories would be exempt from property taxes.

Prop 10: Allows for transfer of law enforcement animals to handlers or others if in animal's best interest

This one has also garnered a lot of attention recently. This would make it possible for the handler of an animal used in law enforcement, to adopt that animal. Makes a lot of sense considering the bond that forms between these animals and their handlers.

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