When you move to Dallas/Ft. Worth, you do it to get the heck away from the Amarillo weather, not to get closer to tornadoes!  Dallas/Ft. Worth gets a lot of action from professional sports to movie stars, it's got it all!  But one thing they don't get a whole lot of is tornadoes and lets face it, the city is not built to withstand the force a tornado brings with it.

Millions watch as debris flies through the air, from houses to cows, the tornado threat continues through parts of Dallas and the damage is currently being assessed.

I've heard that 6-Flags got hit pretty hard.  I've seen photos of trailer houses flying through the air.  It's pretty serious!

Keep up with the story here at the Weather Channel's website where you will find many photos of the damage.

You can also view live video stream here at Channel 7's website.