It looks like someone is channeling their inner rock star side. Last night, Trey Songz performed at the Big Show At The Joe concert in Detroit where an entire arena of fans greeted him.

After going through an amazing set, the Ready singer apparently went over his allotted set time, which led to his microphone getting shut off. Unfortunately, Trigga was not too happy with getting cut off before he was ready to leave the stage, and threatened to "go the f--k crazy."

Next thing fans new, the singer started destroying props on the stage including glass materials and other items. After Trey was finished fighting with the stage, he embraced his fans one last time by jumping into the crowd, and the ladies loved every minute of it. While his female fans seemed to be pleased, the vocalist was soon met by police officers on stage, who ended up arresting him for damaging stage items.

According to reports, one of the items that Trey threw actually hit a sergeant, and caused him to have a concussion. He was later taken to a local hospital for minor injuries. Reports say that Trey was taken into custody and arrested for resisting/obstructing an arrest and malicious destruction of property.

It's not common to see this angry side of Trey, but hopefully he is able to work things out with the concert organizers so that he can continue to please his Detroit fans in the future. Watch Trey's incident in the video above.

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