Talk about making the best of a bad situation.

Billy Marrone was in an ugly crash while biking during the EXTERRA Triathlon in Laguna Beach, Calif., last month:

I hit a soft patch of sand that send me flying over 25 feet. I landed face first on a rock and was airlifted to the Trauma Center at Mission Hospital. I suffered a Sprained Wrist, Broken Tail Bone, and a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Marrone didn't let those serious injuries stop him from capturing what happened next on his GoPro. He kept the camera on during his chopper ride to the hospital, as well as once he got into his room.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Marrone remained upbeat, despite the rash of injuries he sustained. As the video says, "Always stay positive."

An attitude like that can only expedite his recovery, which we're sure he'll document for all to see.

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