I'm not sure how the GoPro found itself in lava, or how the video survived, but thank God it did!

If this isn't a clever advertising stung by GoPro, then it should be. A video has gone viral this week showing you exactly what it looks like to be absolutely engulfed in lava. For those who don't know, lava is unfathomably hot. Like take the Paqui One Chip Challenge, and lava might be as hot as that so you know it's serious.

I never thought in a million years any peace of technology could survive a duel with molten lava, until GoPro came along, strutting it's stuff.

This GoPro actually belongs to a guide in Hawaii, and he placed it in the lava's path on purpose, to see if the video could possibly survive.

Man, you know he was excited to find out it actually did.

You have to see this!!


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