I am 26-years-old and I have been yelled at about warming up my car since I was 16-years-old. You can't tell me my whole car-driving life has been an illegal life lesson. After numerous news reports have been reminding El Pasoans about the dangers of the cold, a new report is reminding drivers to not leave their cars unattended when the car is on.

Known as warming it up, starting the car and letting it run at least five minutes according to my father, is a typical thing to do for many people. What those people may not know is that it is actually illegal, according to the El Paso Police Department.

As KTSM quotes, the Auto Theft Task Force reminds people of the risk that comes with starting a car and leaving it unattended, which makes it easier for thieves to drive off with it and this action could also end up as a citation for the driver.

What the Auto Theft Task Force and the EPPD don't understand is that my Father, Brothers, and Fiancee will yell at me till the cows come home if I do not warm up my car, lecturing me on the proper car maintenance in colder weather. Try to tell most El Pasoans who religiously warm up their car about the risks and they will probably look at you and say "Aye Aye."  Don't start trying to give our tickets for people warming up their cars, EPPD because you will be ending the winter tradition of men yelling at their children to warm up their cars.

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