How do you know your man is being loyal? You keep him in lock up, of course! At least, that's what one local woman may have thought when she had improper relations with a prisoner at the Montford Unit in May 2016.

Cora Crane pleaded guilty to charges on Friday and was sentenced to six years deferred adjudication, according to KAMC News.

Crane, who used to work for Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, was indicted last year after having sexual relations with a prisoner, which is considered sexual abuse according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Handbook.

Apparently, the reason why this "staff-on-offender" sort of thing is frowned upon is because even with the prisoner's consent, sexual relations with staff, contractors, or volunteers is considered a civil rights violation. Why? Because if you're a prisoner in a Texas prison unit, you cannot consent to sexual relations with a non-prisoner.

In other words, if you're a Texas prisoner, you can only consent to having sex with other prisoners.

That's not even the worst part of the story. I did some checking on The Googles to see what this lady looks like, and ran across an article by the Lubbock A-J from 2016. It states something about an email from the TDCJ Inspector General at that time saying that he received reports indicating that Crane was "under investigation for the same type of behavior" while she was previously employed at a federal prison, from which she resigned.

Basically, this seems to be a pattern of behavior, but who are we to judge? Naughty girl!

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