In what we have been assured is not a particularly lively game of Mad Libs, Tyler Perry’s production company 34th Street Films has moved to remake the Korean body-switching comedy Miss Granny for English-language audiences. This explosion at the Unlikely Nouns Factory comes to us today courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter, who have noted that the popular movie will also soon receive a Spanish-language treatment as well. (All this is in addition to the Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, and Japanese versions that already exist, officially rendering Miss Granny the most widely remade film of all time.)

The film originally debuted in its native Korea in 2013, racking up a huge profit with its universal story of a geriatric woman who wakes up to find herself back in her 20-year-old body. Blessed with the gift of youth, she goes about fulfilling all her unrealized dreams, starting with her ambitions of becoming a singer. Forming a band with her grandson (who does not realize that the hottie with whom he’s making music is secretly his grandmother), they set off on a path to stardom, and as they inevitably must, hijinks ensue.

Tragically, the Hollywood Reporter’s item does not indicate any plans from Perry to star in the film in addition to producing, which means that our dreams of Miss Granny getting woven into the larger Madea mythos may be for naught. And it’s a shame, because that right there is what Hollywood executives call a “slam dunk.” Perry would only have to appear in the first ten minutes or so before an eating an enchanted sandwich (or whatever) reverts Madea to her prime-of-life self. Get Kiersey Clemons or Aja Naomi King! It’d be the Seventeen Again/13 Going on 30 that America’s black community has sorely needed for years now.

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