An unaware Sean Hannity was caught taking a puff from his vape during his show this week. The show was just coming back from commercial break when Hannity was caught off-guard when someone off-camera alerted that he was live on TV, which is when he quickly removed the vape and let out an, "Uh-Oh!".

Check out the clip posted to Twitter by @stclairashley below.

Even fellow Fox anchor, Laura Ingraham, teased Hannity about his slip-up in this clip from Yahoo.

The internet quickly reacted to this clip in a light-hearted manner, as just about everyone on Twitter agreed that the candid moment was hilarious. Check out some reactions below.

Now, of course, there were people who overreacted to this by shouting online about Sean Hannity. But, putting aside whatever political beliefs you may or may not have in common with the conservative TV host, this is flat-out funny.

I'm not even a guy that is into "juuling" but the moment of pure shock and confusion on Hannity's face when he finds out he is live is enough to make me laugh for the rest of the day today.

Being in radio, I must say that I have been there before. You don't know you're live, hot mics, camera is rolling, it happens to everyone in the media world. And while the immediate moment that follows whatever embarrassment happened stinks, moments like these are always something to look back and laugh at.

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