With the economy struggling in so many different ways, people are looking for anything they can in order to bring enough money into the home. Companies are cutting employees instead of adding them, but in Amarillo that seems to be the opposite.

Good news has come in from the most recent study showing employment in Texas, and the Panhandle region is ranking near the top of the cities with the least amount of unemployment in the state.

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We've noticed a lot of construction of buildings here in Amarillo, as well as new businesses opening in pre-existing buildings, and those are signs of a healthy economy within the city. Because of that, it creates more jobs.

According to Workforce Solutions, the Panhandle region has the second-lowest unemployment rate in the state, sitting at just 2.7%. That's absolutely phenomenal, especially in a time where so many cities are struggling to thrive.

The study shows that all 26 counties that are a part of the Panhandle showed a reduction in the amount of unemployed individuals, and that screams good things for the economy in the region.

When you dive inside the study a bit, you'll see that the Amarillo metro area has had 200 people find a job in the month of April, and 2,000 people find one over the course of the last year. Those are great numbers and show the strength of the economy in the area.

More people working means more products purchased, and that allows businesses in the area to keep their doors open. As more businesses stay open, more people move into the region because of how it's thriving.

Now that's not to say that we are out of the woods when it comes to the economy. Prices of items such as food are still way up from the previous year, and it doesn't mean our dollar is going further, but it is something that could help prices trend down in the coming months and years.

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