A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the Booze Fairies which led to a conversation about the Booze Bros. In case you missed out on that conversation, these groups exist to spread a little happiness during these trying times.

Spread might be a wrong choice of word.

The way it works is that you join the groups, give up some info, and then you get "boozed." Getting "boozed" means you magically find a gift basket on your doorstep full of snacks and, of course, booze.

It's usually unexpected, and it's a little like secret Santa in that it's pretty much anonymous.

After we talked about it, one of the organizers of the group reached out. First, he told me that I linked to a copycat Booze Bros in Amarillo instead of the original. I didn't realize that even Booze Bros wasn't free of drama.

Second, he told me that the group is actively trying to get more members involved. Currently, they have over 500 members. As impressive as you think that may be, they want more people to booze.

The Booze Bros are looking to increase their numbers by having a contest through August 15. They're calling it Boozefest, and the big prize is a gift basket worth around $500.

I said it last time we talked about the Booze Bros, and I'll say it again. I love this idea. I think this idea is great. All of us are going through tough times right now. Finding ways to stay cheered up are hard. This gives you a chance to cheer people up, while getting some cheer in return. Cheers all around.

Plus, during Boozefest, it might get you a big prize.

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