10 years ago there weren't as many students attending school as there is now. Having to have classes inside portable buildings, there isn't enough room inside the main buildings of some the schools.

AISD has already been making room in some elementary schools like a new cafeteria/kitchen area and the old area being turned into classrooms.  Two middle schools (Travis and Bowie) had an extra campus built to accommodate the growing student population.

Currently, the city still has portable buildings throughout AISD. As the district enrollment has grown by nearly 3,500 students since the 2008-09 school year, according to Texas Education Agency data. Managing future growth or the increases in enrollment is almost impossible to figure out ahead of time.

As Amarillo is growing, Canyon is also building a brand intermediate school in southwest Amarillo. A two-story school just north of Sundown Lane Elementary School, near Arden Road, City View and Gene Howe neighborhoods. Opening for fall 2018 and will serve up to 800 fifth- and sixth-graders.

These facilities are great for the future growth of  Amarillo & Canyon.  These upgrades to the schools takes the pressure off on how to keep the students in a comfortable learning environment.

Metrobus @ Flickr
Metrobus @ Flickr

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