Let's face it, most of us have received lingerie from our significant other for Valentine's Day.  Yeah, guys you might think it's sexy but it's not.  Don't buy me lingerie unless I specifically ask for it and I go shopping with you because let's face it you will buy the wrong size, regardless if you snuck through our panty drawers to find our size.  Lingerie is something you have to try on for the correct fit.

Well, guess what, the tables are finally turning, you can now buy lingerie for your fella.


There are several sites online where you can find sexy lingerie for your man.  They have cute lacy underwear, sexy tops and more.

So why not give them a sexy treat for Valentine's Day, I mean what guy doesn't want lacy underwear.

Take for instance a site called CandyManFashion.com they sell a school boy outfit for $30.

Another company called Bodyaware.com sells lacy booty shorts for $24.

Jet.com sells lace mini trunks for $18.

Remember these are for guys.

I think this would be great as a joke for Valentine's Day, you know kind of turning the tables on the guys.  What do you think your guy's reaction would be if you wrapped these up and gave them to him for Valentine's Day.



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