As we all know Valentine's Day is this Sunday.  You may be a procrastinator and that's OK.  A lot of people procrastinate. However, there's a difference between procrastinating and being indifferent.  So here is what not to do if you wait til the last minute to buy something for Valentine's Day.  Rest assured your Valentine will know if you do.

Funny Valentine's Day
  • DO NOT buy wilted flowers from what's left over in the flower bin at any store.  If they look sad they will definitely make your sweetheart sad.  Just don't do this.  They will know you waited until the last minute and will despise you for it.
  • DO NOT just buy a random box of chocolates.  If you are going to buy them candy.  Then make sure you find out what kind of candy they like and buy their favorite.  Don't just by a heart shaped box and say hey Happy Valentine's Day.
  • DO NOT just pick a random card.  You have to spend time finding the perfect card.  You cannot just grab one from the shelf and say hey this looks good.
  • DO NOT buy them a container of cookies from the grocery store.  Those have dates on them. The sell by date will give it away.  Love is not cookies from the grocery store.
  • DO NOT buy them anything from the health and beauty aisle.  I got a Ped Egg one year.  Let's just say that relationship didn't last.  Just avoid this area all together.
  • DO NOT I mean under any circumstances DO NOT tell your sweetheart that Valentine's Day is just a commercial holiday meant for big companies to make big money.  DO NOT Use this excuse because you forgot about Valentine's Day.  You will either be sleeping on the couch or with the dog or you won't be in a relationship anymore.

Avoid these costly mistakes.  If you wait til the last minute then do something creative for them.  You can come up with something creative in the time you take to pick out half dead flowers.

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