Vic Mensa is putting his principles before money. The "U Mad" rapper canceled his concert at Detroit's Populux after a racist tweet appeared on the venue's Twitter page.

"Will not be performing at @PopuluxDetroit on #BackWithAVengeance due to the racist comments they tweeted yesterday," read Mensa's announcement tweet on Friday (July 8).

The racist tweet in question blamed and criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for the shootings of 11 police officers in Dallas, Texas on July 7 that left five officers dead.

"#blameobama all you libtards caused these deaths. #dallasshooting #f---blacklivesmatter," it read. But according to the Detroit venue, the tweet wasn't approved.

“We didn’t authorize these tweets. We’re working to understand how our account was compromised. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement,” read their statement.

It's unclear whether Mensa will make up the show to his Detroit fans. The concert, which is part of his Back With a Vengeance tour, is scheduled to take place on July 29. Hopefully Mensa can work something out for the concertgoers.

This isn't the first time that Mensa voiced his thoughts online. After the shooting of Alton Sterling, the rhymer went to Twitter to share his reaction. "My tears are fresh for #AltonSterling. They burn for those bullets the police ended his life with. But this is not over. We will fight. NOW," read his tweet. After the Dallas shootings, he once again went to Twitter to speak his piece. "STOP KILLING INNOCENT COPS. THATS NOT THE ANSWER. WE WANT ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE CRIMINALS AMONGST THEM. LETS ORGANIZE. BE BACK SOON," it read.

Check out Mensa's tweets below as well as a screenshot of the tweet from Populux's page.

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