It seems that printed items are a dying media.  And it is so sad to say that a household favorite is going to be laid to rest.  Victoria's Secret is saying goodbye to their printed catalogs.

I remember growing up and every single month, without fail, we would get a Victoria's Secret catalog.  My sisters and I would all take turns looking at it and marking our wish list of pajamas or undergarments.  That's why I was so upset that they have decided to stop printing the iconic catalog.

The very first mail order catalog was sent out in 1977.  That was not only the start to a very popular company, but it put supermodels into each household.  Since then, Victoria's Secret has skyrocketed.

Millions of people tune in every year to watch the annual fashion show.  They have gone from selling lingerie to selling everything from bikinis to fragrances to athletic wear and more.

In today's society everything is online so there is no purpose of sending out a catalog anymore.  The company says that business is good they are just trying to clean things up and get rid of the unnecessary parts of the business.

Print has been a dying medium for a few years now, so it only makes sense.  So goodbye to an icon, it's time to go full digital!