A video posted on Reddit by u/jadeallencook shows a cop pointing his gun in a man's face during a traffic stop and threatening to kill him.

The 29-second video taken by the passenger portrays a police officer in Harris County and a driver arguing over the method in which the driver stopped his vehicle for a traffic citation.

The cop clearly believes the driver of the car was up to no good. The driver, with his hands in there air, apologizes for whatever he has done and seems completely shocked that the officer is pointing a gun right in his face.

The back-and-forth argument is a bit hard to understand, but you can hear the cop saying very clearly, "...if you do that f***ing s*** again I'll f***ing kill you," all while pointing his gun at the driver's face.

There is some confusion from the passenger, who defends the driver and mentions another cop was blocking the driver from pulling over and he had to go around them. It looks like the police officer realizes he is being filmed when the passenger chimes in, and he quickly steps out of view of the camera and walks away.

What could you possibly do to deserve a cop pointing a gun in your face and threatening to shoot you, but then instead, seconds later, walking away from you and not detaining you at all? This looks like a case of overkill  that could get someone killed, and the cop needs to cool his jets.

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Most people that actually deserve to have a gun pointed at their head by the cops wouldn't just be left alone in their vehicle afterward.

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