I miss those days of having a guaranteed week off for Spring Break. Don't you? Once you start working the regular 9am-5pm adulthood grind and have kids of your own, you've already found out that it can be stressful planning around their Spring Break.

You may not be lucky enough to be able to take that week off with them. After all....someone has to make sure the bills are paid. You want them to have fun, though. So what next? For starters, he Maverick Boys & Girls Club, located at 1923 S. Lincoln St., has a solution for you.

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They are offering up a "Kicking it Old School" Spring Break Camp. You can drop them off all week at 7:30 am. You will still have plenty of time to head to work. The camp ends each day at 6 pm. Oh, and it is for the whole week of spring break: March 15th - 19th. Woo-hoo!

They are going to have a lot of fun activities all week long including staff vs member kickball, tournaments where you can show off your mad checkerboard skills, marbles and jacks. I bet you can recall doing at least some of these fun things while growing up.  Honestly? All they need to add is the hopscotch and jump rope and boom, we are back in the 90s, baby.

credit: Maverick Boys & Girls Club
credit: Maverick Boys & Girls Club

They will also provide food. There will be an end of camp bash for everyone to have a fun time. So your worries about what are your kids to do for the week can be solved with one registration.

Just know that registration opens up this morning at 8 am and is on a first come first served basis. So don't wait. Your kiddos will have a blast and you won't have to worry about them sitting at home all week bored. When that happens, you know what's next. More random calls to you at work when they start reading off the script: "Mom, where are the chips.", "Mom, I'm bored."

You know exactly what I'm talking about. And you know you want to avoid that crap at all costs.

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