WARNING: This story contains disturbing details and graphic language.

Video captured by a Mississippi surveillance camera shows a group of teens killing a man in an alleged hate crime, the district attorney says. Video shows 49-year-old auto plant worker James C. Anderson being beaten before being run over with a pickup truck, CNN reported.

Mississippi Hate Crime

According to police, Anderson was killed on June 26 in a Jefferson parking lot by a group of teens who yelled things like, “White power!” while beating him.

Police originally thought Anderson was killed in a hit-and-run, but after taking witness statements and reviewing the video, charged 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon, Jr., of Brandon, Mississippi, with murder in connection with the case. Dedmon faces a possible double life sentence if convicted.

Also charged in connection with the incident is 18-year-old John Aaron Rice, who was charged with assault.

Police said Dedmon and Rice were among a group of teens that had been at a party in Rankin County the previous evening. After leaving the party, police said the teens drove to a predominantly black part of Jefferson after Dedmon said, “Let’s go f— with some n——.”


According to police, the teens saw Anderson standing in a motel parking lot as they pulled off the highway and began the assault. Police said witnesses told officers Dedmon, who was allegedly driving the truck that ran over Anderson, later bragged about running him down. Police said Dedmon said, “I ran that n—– over.”

Neither teen has entered a plea in connection with the charges.


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