My morning show partner Wes shared a story the other day about the time he nearly killed everyone at Texas Water Rampage when his assistant accidentally lit all of the fireworks at once during a big firework show. His story cracked me up, and then I fell into a rabbit hole on YouTube of such occasions caught on camera.

There are TONS of them.

I didn't look into whether or not people were injured in these, so we will just assume everyone is fine, which will allow you to laugh at their misfortune more easily. You can watch firework mishaps for hours on YouTube. There are a bazillion to choose from. Most of the ones you find are things that happen at home on a smaller scale, but those big shows that gather crowds for miles can make for a pretty hilarious and somewhat terrifying firework fail video.

I picked my favorite 10 firework show fails to remind you of our mortality before you go drink a bunch of booze and shoot bottle rockets at your cousin. Be careful this year, and make sure you stay away from dry grass. The dirt is your friend out in the country on the 4th of July.

And remember, just because it's a professional firework show, doesn't mean it can't go terribly wrong. Now that I've given you a bit of anxiety, watch all of these hilarious videos of firework fails, and then go check to make sure your fire extinguisher isn't expired. It might come in hand when your rowdy uncle gets to town.


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